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Maxim Beats the Recession: Travel in Style


Rule the Road in This…
Always wanted to hear the goosebump-inducing rumble of a V-8 on the way to work, but your better half (and wallet) had other thoughts? Take heart. Not only is the 2010 Ford Mustang more powerful and faster than ever but its insides are posh enough to win over your woman, and its price tag ($27,995) is nice enough to win over the car loan lackeys. Engineers worked to ensure the car remains quiet during normal driving, but take it above 4,000 rpm and hear that signature roar. Oh, hell yeah!


Fly This Way…
As stimulus bill bucks are diverted from broke bankers, private jets are idling in hangars. That’s where you and your stupid buddy who decided to get married come in. Private-jet rentals are taking bachelor-party debauchery to new heights. Companies like Halcyon Jets book flights for up to 14 wild men for around $65K. Yes, that’s a lot, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. “You can schedule a flight for whenever you want, get a full flight crew and catering,” says Andrew Drykerman, executive VP of Halcyon. They’ll cater in-flight fun to your sordid imagination. Wait, you want what? Put yourself on a watch list now!


Screw Staycations
The idea of spending a week off sitting around your house, maybe running some errands, and eventually watching that DVD box set of The X-Files Season 4 is…Sorry, we just shorted out our keyboard with tears of depression. Damn it, you need a change of scenery! So set a course for adventure and your mind on a new romance over at Vacation Rentals by Owner offers supercheap housing in superawesome destinations across the globe. Rent a private cottage in Maui for 110 bucks a day, as opposed to a cramped room in a hotel for $350 a night. Sure, the house won’t offer turndown service—but it also won’t offer $8 cans of Coke. When you wake in the morning, take a stroll on the beach and hit the pools at high-end hotels: With tourism numbers plummeting, most hotels won’t mind your hanging out if you order the occasional piña colada. Just refrain from peeing in the shallow end.

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