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A Puerto Rican Feast

If you don't like sandy beaches, and you don't like clear blue skies, and you don't like good food, you're weird. Read no further. If you do though, the Saborea Puerto Rico Culinary Extravaganza is exactly where you want to be. Sponsored by Rums of Puerto Rico, responsible for Barcadi and DonQ, aka some of our wilder nights out, Saborea is a weekend's indulgence in all the food and drink you can consume. The festivities start with the Rums of Puerto Rico Beach Soiree. Some of the world's greatest mixologists gather to create cocktails from the classic Pina Colada to Mango Mojitos and beyond, as celebrity chefs cook up outstanding tapas by the truck-load. Kick back in a hammock or get down to lively Latino beats as you eat and drink til you drop.

The Saborea Puerto Rico Village doesn't really kick of til about noon the next day. Plenty of time to snooze off the booze and rehydrate before you reenter the fray. Along the shore, as white-crested waves fall, huge white tents rise up filled with food and drink. 30 of the island's finest restaurants set up shop and serve all manner of Puerto Rican delicacies. Fried plantains filled with pulled pork, steaming hot chicken empanadas, spicy meatballs, and the biggest paella we have ever seen. A seemingly endless stream of the finest food, accompanied at all times by frozen cocktails. In the demo tent crowds gather to watch celebrity chefs cook up more fine fare. We were more concerned with the eating. And drinking.

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