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The 19 Best Dive Bars In America

Magnolia Bar & Grill
Louisville, KY

Proving its resiliency, Mag Bar reopened less than 24 hours after an SUV crashed through the front door. But it’s hard to tell what was wrecked, because everything looks like it was pulled from the trash.
One-star Yelp review: “Looks more like a condemned property than a bar.”  

Bad Decisions
Baltimore, MD

Don’t step foot in this janky-looking corner bar without protection. By which we mean, beta-blockers. Your heart will need ’em if you’re there for “Bacon Night.” Once a month owner John Reusing designs a new pork-belly-themed menu and goes through 150 pounds of meat. Pair the grease bombs with a pint of the double-smoked porter or an apple-bacon martini for an added eff-you to your cardiologist.
One-star Yelp review: “There is seating at the bar and some tables. The people lucky enough to get tables had a great view of everyone’s rear in their face while trying to eat.”

BJ’s Lounge
New Orleans, LA
Whether the music-loving locals are extra friendly because they’re hopped up on cheap beer, live R&B bands, or free red beans and rice, don’t be surprised if one of the old-timers provides valuable life advice after you confess your depressing existence to him.
One-star Yelp review: “If you took Cheers, Bud Light, and the road crew of Lynyrd Skynyrd, you would have BJ’s.”

Champagnes Café
Las Vegas, NV
Far from the glitz of the Strip, there’s a piece of old Vegas nestled between two strip malls. Inside, the red velvet wallpaper is faded from smoke and time, and well drinks still run $3 a pop. Jackpot!
One-star Yelp review: “Spazzing bartender started a shouting match with friends.”

Clermont Lounge
Atlanta, GA
Since this seedy basement bar opened in 1965, not much has changed—including the strippers. Geriatric nude ladies shimmy on stage; veteran dancer Blondie crushes empty beer cans with her boobs. Your grandma’s rack isn’t nearly as impressive.
One-star Yelp review:  “I had to give this old lady $1 to stop showing me her junk.”

Photographed for Maxim by Jennifer Rocholl | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

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