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The App Review - Super Bowl XLVII Guide

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6 out of 10

If you’re in New Orleans for the Super Bowl, you’re lost without this app.

The Pitch: You could go to New Orleans for the Super Bowl and rely entirely on word of mouth recommendations and dumb luck to entertain yourself...but that would be foolish when you can use the NFL’s own app to navigate NOLA for the weekend of the big game.

What It Really Is: Considering it’s free, the NFL’s official Super Bowl Guide app is actually a must-have for anyone trekking down to New Orleans this weekend whether they have tickets for the game or not. Beyond built-in alerts for both visitors and ticket holders, the SB Guide has a massive calendar of officially sponsored events leading up to the game, suggestions for places to eat or listen to music, and a slew of other NOLA tourist spots. While the app does suggest good places, we’d highly recommend you cross-check addresses with Google before heading anywhere, as some location info seems woefully incorrect. Still, the SB Guide boasts a ton of useful information, especially when it comes to its Super Bowl-centric features. It’s a good thing that it does, because the app is infuriatingly skinned with over-the-top NFL gaud and plugs to buy branded merch, which is fine if you’re looking for that elusive Ravens hat, but just annoying for everyone else. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “If you don’t have the NFL’s Super Bowl XLVII Guide app, you might as well sell your tickets to New Orleans to stay at home and knit.”

Fun Fact: The NFL tends to be extremely stingy when it comes to apps, only introducing an official game day app this year (the MLB has had At Bat for four years). So it’s no surprise that this SB Guide is actually just an update of last year’s and not an entirely new app. Sadly, it somehow has less features than it did before, and we’ll sorely miss the 3D map view that was lost in the update.

Who It’s For: The Super Bowl XLVII Guide is really meant for anyone going to the game or partaking in the festivities around the Superdome even without tickets. Sure, superfans can still use the app if they’re not going to be in NOLA this weekend, but we’re guessing that getting alerts of all the cool stuff you’re missing by not being there would be more depressing than the blissful ignorance of just chilling on your couch this Sunday.

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