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Horrible People Who Destroyed 20 Million-Year-Old Rock Formation on Video Sentenced

A call for comment to the rock's family was not returned.

(Photo: / Steve Corey)

Three former Boy Scout leaders (who are making us very confident about the future of our youth) were sentenced to a year of probation and forced to pay for signage all over Goblin Valley National Park in Utah after video of them destroying a 20 million-year-old rock formation and goonishly laughing about it went viral. 



Glenn Taylor and David Hall argued that they were just trying to make the park safe for children by displacing the boulder. You know, the one that had been comfortably resting there for 20 million years (or 444,444 times as long as the idiot who knocked it over has been on this earth).

When asked about the incident Taylor said, "Glad we did it. Wish we wouldn't have done it." Which is a good defense, because when trying to comprehend that nonsense, most people’s brains immediately explode from an overload of idiocy.

The three men were immediately fired from the Boy Scouts following the incident, and while two of them (the one who toppled the rock and the one who filmed it) have seen their day in court, there is no word as to whether the third man will be forced to pay his debt to society for wearing that outfit – arguably the worst crime of all. 

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