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Meet The Moron Who Slashed 1,000 Tires To Meet Women

Were the actions of this Japanese businessman illegal or hopelessly romantic? We're going with "illegal."

Have you ever found yourself struggling for an opening line with a woman at the gym, a bar, or maybe even a grocery store parking lot? Then you may sympathize with 25-year-old Japanese businessman Yoshihito Harada, who’s admitted to puncturing the tires of parked cars in an effort to strike up conversation with female drivers—which seems kind of brilliant, but also, unfortunately, illegal. He was ultimately charged with violating laws related to acts of violence.

According to prosecutors, Harada punctured the tires of cars outside supermarkets in various cities. When the female drivers returned to their cars, he would approach them and call out, “Looks like you’ve got a flat. Let me fix it for you.” Apparently the ruse worked, because his pickup technique was blown open when one of his ‘victims’ relayed the story to a friend of hers who just so happened to meet the very same man the very same way. Realizing they might have been victims of a scam, they reported Harada to the police.

On April 16th the hopeless romantic reported to court, where he stands accused of slashing up to 1,000 tires. The silver lining? One thing no woman can accuse him of is not making a genuine effort to get her attention.  

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