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Quiz: Romantic Comedy Or Serial Killer?

Can you guess which of these scenarios describe the start of a fairy-tale movie romance and which detail the exploits of a real-life serial killer?

Illustrated by Kyle T. Webster

1. A man and a woman pretend they’re a married couple with children in order to lure a young, naive girl to Hawaii for a “family vacation.”

An injured ski instructor with a killer smile approaches a woman in a ski resort parking lot and asks if she can help him carry something to his car.

A man responds to a personal ad posted by a lonely, overbearing mother who wants help putting an end to her daughter’s promiscuous ways.

A professional photographer with a criminal past is let down after the girl he wins a date with on a popular television dating show decides he’s not the one.

A mentally unstable waitress kidnaps one of her customers at gunpoint and takes him to her family’s isolated cabin in the woods.

A poor handyman and father of four vows revenge after his wealthy female employer refuses to pay him for his services.

1. Just Go With It
2. Killer Ted Bundy
3. Because I Said So
4. Killer Rodney Alcala
5. Holiday in Handcuffs