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Forget Virgin Mary toast, old Transformers toys and soiled celebrity underpants: Some people have been bidding on the world’s most morbid memorabilia!

The Unabomber’s Sunglasses and Hoodie ($20,025)

Want to look like a domestic terrorist? (If you answered, “yes” to this question, we have some men with sunglasses and notebooks who’d like a quiet word with you. For the next 15 – 20 years). Ted Kaczynski’s style staples went on sale earlier this year courtesy of some enterprising U.S. Marshalls, looking to raise money for the sicko’s victims.

Pogo’s Paintings ($1,600-15,000)-

Clown killer (as in, he dressed like a clown – he didn’t kill them, sadly) John Wayne Gacy may be dead, but his art lives on. If you’re into skulls or Elvis, check out his work online or in person at a Las Vegas exhibit through September 2011.

Charles Manson’s Hair ($99)-

For less than ten dollars a strand, you can actually own part of serial killer Charles Manson. Handy if you want to commit a murder and really confuse the police forensics team.

Bonnie and Clyde Post-Mortem Photo ($4.99)-

True crime memorabilia can get awfully expensive, but this print of one of America’s most infamous couples – after their meeting with around 43 bullets - is going for mere pocket change.

Daniel Lee Siebert’s Potato Chips ($20)-

This bag of Ruffles was saved from a prison visit with the cross-country serial killer. Disclaimer: he ate all the chips.

A Christmas Card from Ted Bundy ($2,799.99)-

Give yourself some holiday cheer with a card from one of the most charismatic killers in history, plus an original FBI wanted poster.

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