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Talking Parrot Helps Police Solve Murder Case in India

Polly must have really wanted a cracker.

Photo: Berndt Fischer/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

It seems the K9 unit may have some competition. Last month, a talking parrot notified police that its owner was driving under the influence, repeatedly squawking, "He's drunk!" after the man was pulled over. Now, a parrot in India has unlocked the mystery of what happened to his mistress and the family dog after they were found dead on February 20.

Neelam Sharma, a 45-year-old woman, was stabbed to death in her home, and the police had no leads. But in the week that followed, Sharma's husband noticed that whenever the couple's nephew, Ashutosh, visited the house, the parrot would go ape-shit crazy. He reacted similarly when the nephew's name was mentioned in his presence. Finding the reaction to be odd, the husband notified police, who brought the nephew in for questioning and quickly obtained a confession.

Ashutosh ultimately admitted that he and an accomplice had broken into his aunt and uncle's house intending to rob them of cash and valuables when Neelam recognized him. So he stabbed her, and then killed the dog because it wouldn't stop barking. The parrot, meanwhile, knew when to keep his mouth shut, and simply watched the events unfold without making a peep.

Have these parrots been playing us for fools all along? Are they a more highly evolved species than we thought, capable not just of repeating what we say, but understanding it? Will they be telling us what to do one day? Nah, that could never happen...

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