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Three Idiots Pose as NYPD to Snatch up "Grand Theft Auto V"

We understand wanting to get your hands on the game asap, but come on!

It's not only the hugest video game release of the year—we're talking an expected take of $1 billion in a freakin' month—but it's also pretty much perfectGrand Theft Auto V is, no doubt, the title that everyone who loves gaming needs to get their greedy mitts on. But, it seems, three dudes from Staten Island took their enthusiasm just a wee bit too far this past Tuesday. According to the NY Post, Kirolos Abdel Sayed, Frank Santanastaso, and Matthew Kirsheh drove up to the Staten Island Mall in an unmarked cop car (complete with lights and siren) that they had bought at auction, said they were with the NYPD (yeah, they even flashed a fake badge), then strolled to the front of a huge line of people waiting to purchase GTA V at a GameStop. And they would have gotten away with it too, if they didn't get pulled over after running some stop signs in the parking lot. The idiots were charged with criminal impersonation, and could each face up to a year in jail. (Hey, at least they're better off than the poor guy in England who got stabbed for his copy of the game...right?)

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