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Answer This: Bear Grylls

With the new season of Man vs. Wild premiering tonight, we thought it was about time to see how Bear did vs. our questions

Bear Grylls is known for many things: serving as part of Britain’s ultra-tough SAS; being a renowned survival expert; starring in a popular piss-based meme; and, of course, eating totally disgusting things on his show, Man Vs. Wild. We managed to coax him down off the mountain long enough to ambush him with the Maxim interrogation

Bear Grylls – Answer This!

The new season of Man Vs. Wild premieres on July 11th at 9pm on discovery Channel.

Despite spending most of his time wading through swamps, or standing neck-deep inside the carcass of a freshly-killed llama, Bear still likes to smell nice. That’s why he’s got his own Bear-approved deodorant from Degree. (Disclaimer: wearing this will in no way protect you against certain death from the elements. Or food poisoning).

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