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Best of the Web - Army Fatigue Foxes, Cristiano Ronaldo's Finest, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Soccer's playboy scores off the field, and party girls who know how to get it in!


You might just say soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo pulls in some tail...

These fatigue-wearing babes support our troops; and man, are we ready to salute!

It's always a Party in the U.S.A. when these smokeshows get up close and personal.

Even though she's crept past 40, Pamela Anderson is still one of the hottest women in the world.

We're pretty happy that we've been introduced to IGN model Irena. We needed her on a Monday.

It's obvious Minissha Lamba is in the right line of work. Where's the nearest Bollywood cinema?!

If we misbehave, hot mama Ellen Pompeo can teach us any lesson she wants.

We love AnnaLynne McCord sun-soaking in a bikini...whens' the next flight to Hermosa Beach?



The Shake Weight DVD, and a girl gives a little "wrist shot" to her man at a hockey game.


Party guilt-free on Sat. night and check out SNL's Shake Weight commercial at your leisure...

This BU hockey fan truly is living the dream.

In the heat of the moment, some athletes just can't handle live interviews.

This is what happens when Ivy League mixes with questionable lyricist Ke$ha.

There's nothing like a little sex at the ballpark!



A Facebook status should be chosen wisely, and the best-looking lady in showbiz!


Remember: always look things over before submitting comments on Facebook. Otherwise? Awkward...

There's a ton of hot women, but find out who was voted the best-looking. Hint: redhead!

It's always time well spent when Alyssa Milano's hanging around.

Thank goodness man created these delicious delicacies.

Think eating broccoli's gross? Your stomach will turn over what Bear Grylls has eaten...

At least Kansas commit Josh Selby has a five-year plan. It's more than most 18-year-olds can say.

If lyrics don't give it away, maybe their names tell you how explicit these rappers are.

Kate Moss is still a pretty bangin' model, you know? We'd buy her a sandwich.

If you think you're hot shit, this should bring you back to reality a bit.

Apparently Joslyn James just hasn't gotten enough of the Tiger attention...

Be a real secret-agent man with this cool wrist communicator.

Hope Larson throws a "wrinkle" in adapting a classic in comics form. Your middle-school English teacher will be psyched!