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Best of the Web - Celeb Twitter Pics, Sophie Turner, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Sophie Turner heats up Monday, and the best Twitter pictures from our favorite celebs!


Yep, Sophie Turner is a mega-hottie!

You can follow me on Twitter (, or you can follow these sexy celebs. No hard feelings if you choose the latter.

These hot athletes have really big... competitive spirits (oh, and breasts!)

If you win Miss Portugal, you know you're pretty much the sexiest thing alive!

We can't get enough of Olivia Munn sexing it up!.

Finding yourself staring at Jordan Carver is perfectly okay.

One MILF holds supreme--and her name is Catherine Zeta Jones.

You'll need a towel to wipe up your drool from Joanna Krupa's hot pics!

Gravity actress Melissa Bacelar keeps us pinned to the ground.



The Big Lebowski as a porn, and one Arena Football League waitress takes part in the action!


Even if you've already seen the Slave Leia Car Wash, you deserve to view it as many times as possible!

The dude works it in this XXX version of The Big Lebowski.

It must blow to be a VIP waitress at an Arena Football League game!

Looks like Ke$ha has even rubbed off on Lisa and Bart Simpson!

Maybe this singer should have considered a headset mic instead of a handheld one...

We get our Family Guy fix from these online episodes.

U.S. Troops show that Lady Gaga's not the only one annoyed with the "Telephone".



How to determine fake boobs, and the worst roommates to live with!


If her boobs look too perfect, they probably are.

A roommate is a cost-effective way to living, but getting stuck with one of these 7 types can ruin it!

Is there ever a time when Maria Menounos doesn't look her best?

Ashley Tisdale looks amazing strolling the beach in this black bikini.

The Brits are coming! And they looked better than ever at The Back Up Plan preview!

The UK Basketball team makes us alumni proud...

Signing a Free Agent is always risky. Unfortunately these players didn't exactly pan out.

Reap the benefits of porn star Joslyn James still trying to benefit from sex with Tiger Woods.

Iron Man 2 fans show off their artistic genius with these cool movie posters.

Pay $3,000 to "wipe away" your most hated team!

Gaming tats are the new obsession for die-hards.