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Best of the Web - Cheryl Cole, Pro Sports Team's WAGs, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Celebrate your weekend by staring at the sexiest ladies on the internet!


Players may win championships, but their hot WAGs decide this title.

Honestly, there's nothing we wouldn't do to get next to Cheryl Cole...

There's no one that looks better in lingerie than Florencia Salvioni.

Farah Fawcett's pin-up was hot, but these are the new posters we just need on our walls!

We can only hope these girls are directing their love towards us...

Moran Atias is simply amazing to look at!

There's something to be said for a hot girl that just treats people like shit!

Just like her serves, Ana Ivanovic brings the heat!

You'll never score a girl as steamin' as Irena, but you can watch her to dream...

A "Date Night" with Taraji P. Henson would be totally cool with us!

We can't think of anyone better to play a sexy goddess than Izabella Miko

Kim Kardashian shows her booty on the beach in this smokin' bikini!



No reason to rent a movie tonight, just watch these videos over and over!


One kid tells us what "Bad Romance" is really like...

This is a pretty harsh way to stop skating in public places...

Go-go gadget beer bottle jam!

See if you can escape Jaws with this game...

This dude's masculinity was lost while attacked by these butterfiles.



Let some of the best stuff on the internet entertain you!


Tracy Quan lets us know that at least the hooker economy's not struggling!

Sure they'll give you a heart attack, but these fast food delicacies are absolutely delicious!

Some rappers just can't get enough of intergalactic universes!

If you're going to get busted, you might as well look good doing it!

The NFL Draft is a science. Above just playing football, NFL scouts want to know if rookies will steal veterans' chairs or not too.

With this underwater computer, you can enjoy the perks of working even while scuba diving!

Can you find your way to the center of the comic-verse?