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Best of the Web - Cheryl Cole, Sara Balint, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Cheryl Cole melts us, and Hayden Panettiere tries her hand at the Jessica Alba bikini pose.


It's easy to get choked up when Sara Balint is in close proximity.

What guy doesn't want Cheryl Cole? We wanna know, so we can call them insane.

Hayden Panettiere bending over in a bikini is a very sweet sight. Thanks, Santa!

What's the definition of sexy? Zaira Nara.

Allow these Mellow in Yellow mamas to refresh you!

Paula Patton proves that Robin Thicke is the luckiest man alive.

We can only smile when looking at Claudia Colucci. And think thoughts that get us in church trouble.

They may not be well-known, but these sports hotties won't leave you disappointed.

We can totally handle being throw into this "Lyons" den...

It's pretty much a given that Ilary Blasi rocked the hell out of GQ Italy.

Jennifer Aniston is still the real J-Woww.

We'd take a puck in the face from any one of these NHL fans!

A swimsuit battle for the ages has erupted...

Kate Beckinsale tickles our our underworld.

It's been awhile, but Kristin Davis still knows how to sex it up!



Locker-room interviews and blowout losses don't mix, and alternate Lost endings!


It's never wise to be around a pro athlete after a blowout loss...

When it comes to shows about smoke monsters, nothing ever ends the way you really want it to.

Hatin' is the name of the game with Squidbillies. (Not hatin' ON...this show's awesome.)

Looks like dancing is part of Wes Welker's knee rehab.



Finishing kindergarten and college differ, and why sex with anyone is totally understandable.


Graduating college sucks so much more than graduating kindergarten...

"LEGO" my Eggo! 12 meals from the construction toys.

The Disney Princes help us score a chick.

We'd never fire Ivanka Trump!

Sex with someone meaningful? Soooo overrated...

When you can't get it up, what do you call your, um, unit?

Not sure if you heard or not, but Lost ended last night.

Thanks for helping us get out of this recession, Wall Street!

Quintin & Co. has your summer style set! Hats off to 'em...

These comic book schools give the best education. Fly higher learning, anyone?

Geek up your meal with some of these salt and pepper shakers.