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Best of the Web - Denise Milani, Emma Taylor, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Girls who love eating bananas, and why Israel's girls are their greatest defense.


Emma Taylor doesn't make us wanna ralph, but we just might "Ralph."

Can we have a double order of Denise Milani, please? (Yes, we can handle that much.)

Pictures of babes eating bananas is exactly what we hoped it would be! (Healthy.)

The bombshells in Israel are aplenty!

Some athletes can thankfully really fill out a sports bra.

We're always jammin' with Tammin Sursok...

Another day, another smokin' Brazilian model. This time it's Lisiane Pires.

The perfect model? That award goes to "Don't you worry about my last name" Irena.

From the "stating the obvious" department: Michelle Rodriguez is still a super hottie.

Giselle puts all recent moms to absolute shame with her unreal bod...

You'd never guess Gaga was hiding such silky smooth skin under all those crazy clothes.



Too-close-to-home video game villians, and why you shouldn't kiss and tell.


Maybe those Mega Man video game villians could have been worse...

Next time you're asked about sex, don't be too literal...

Princess Leia and Boba Fett really out-nerd themselves with this song.

Catch a sneak peek at Aziz Ansari's MTV Awards promo.

The World Cup might be stressing out Maradona a bit too much.



The easiest way to get tased at a sporting event, and Megan Fox's excuses for never dating you.


Follow these tasing guidelines and expect to see your 15 minutes of fame...

Uh, we're pretty sure there's nothing that would lead us to never want to date Megan Fox.

Chinese Wal-Marts are a little different than American Wal-Marts...

We've all got dudes that fit the role of these friends...

It's easy to see why Beyoncé steals all the awards!

They may be old, but who'd you rather: Jackie Collins or Raquel Welch?

If you're a geek (and admit it, you are), these are some prized home furnishings you need!

When Jesse James talks to Nightline, there are a couple things that could make it interesting...

Guys, be careful not to get caught cheating, otherwise this could happen.

Get "super" sound with these bangin' headphones.

The Joker will always put a smile on your face. Even without one of his token "magic tricks."