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Best of the Web - Heather Lynn Theisen, Sheridan Bovell, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



The interweb's sexiest ladies take us on a trip we'll never forget!


Hanging with Sheridan Bovell would be the highlight of our week.

Introducing your newest dream, Heather Lynn Theisen.

Even fully clothed, Marisa Miller is one kitten we'd love to hear purr.

It'd be clear skies all the way when setting sail with any one of these sexy shipmates!

Seeing Kim Kardashian instantly makes us thankful to be red-blooded men.

The Tour de Isabeli Fontana is the hottest bike event ever.

It must be tough to be as gorgeous as Lyndsy Fonseca.

There's no national vote needed to see why Carla Bruni is the first lady of France.

Whoa, "bro"! Alessandra Ambrosio, that is...

Everything stops at the sight of Holly Weber. Even time...

Canadian Amy Lalonde is essential to a healthy life, eh?



The greatest Nike commercials, and one math teacher gets taught a lesson.


Chicks dig the long ball, and 19 other classic Nike commercials.

Simple math. Algebra teacher + HS football star = teacher being tackled to the ground.

The best summertime moments from Adult Swim.

A no-risk way to bet on the World Cup!



Supermodels: Then and Now, and a McFlurry that is a real "load" to handle...


Some supermodels never age!

Just don't spill this McFlurry. Talk about an awkward pants stain...

Those damn video game characters always ruin things...

Learn how to cook to make use of your hands this summer!

A stripper who looks just like Salma Hayek. We need 200 singles, please...

Think you can make the perfect Coke? Try your luck with this new machine.

Money can't solve all problems. Just ask these 11 athletes.

Some jobs just aren't worth the hassle of wearing the required uniform...

When you have former Cavs coach Mike Brown's old phone number, your bill can skyrocket!

Enjoy the summer weather while doing the dirty with your lady! (Not laundry. Or dishes.)

Why these comics never made it to shelves, we'll never know.

Kendra Wilkinson isn't as excited about her sex tape as we are...

Looks like Jersey Shore's Sammi isn't such a sweetheart anymore!

The stars who went a little too far with the law...

Need to get comfortable in your bed? There's an app for that.