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Best of the Web - Irina Sheik, Hottest Lady Golfers, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



A round of golf with the hottest ladies on the course, and what we really want waiting in our Easter baskets!


They tee it high, and let it fly... and look really hot doing it!

Model Irina Sheik can make us say whatever she wants us to.

We only wish these smokin' girls actually came the car.

Opa! These ladies show that being Greek is awesome... and very sexy!

Snowflakes aren't bad when they fall over Brittany Snow.

Car model KT So is super hot? Hmm, who would have ever guessed that?

Gabriella Cilmi gives us all the good stuff.

We nominate these sexy bunnies as the official spokeswoman of Easter.

There's little we wouldn't do for a chance with Alexa Davalos.

Yep, Heather Locklear is aging quite nicely.



Steve Carrell gives us the weather, and the craziest NBA shot... that unfortunately didn't count.


We don't know much about Chatroulette, but if it introduces us to girls like this, then we may just have to try it out!

New Hampshire shows it's a "Granite jungle where dreams are made of..."

Steve Carrell could somehow make snow in June alright!

Flip Murray of the Bulls' shows his ass by making this shot! Only problem was it didn't count.

Missed some of the new Family Guy's? No reason to fret, Adult Swim's got you covered.

Let's face it, you'd mess up the National Anthem even worse than Keri Hilson.



Our favorite Final Four girls, and the best tats the NBA has to offer!


Yes it's okay to pick the team you want to win the Final Four based off whose cheerleaders are hottest. We won't blame you.

When one of your nicknames is "King James", chances are you'll have some tight tats!

These are some serious boobies!

With this remote, there's absolutely no reason to ever get up during a game again!

Not sure why girls act like they do? Well here's a little help into why us dudes can't understand.

The inside scoop on what the big bad wolf's up to these days.

Some stars decide their feet will help the cause!