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Best of the Web - Jordan Carver, Jaime Koeppe, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Fergie swings it to the left and to the right, and we want to hire Jaime Koeppe as a personal trainer.


Jaime Koeppe will beat your ass into shape; and look mighty good doing it.

Jordan Carver is convicted and charged... for being super sexy!

It's Fergie, Fergie... in a sexy green bikini!

We can really get used to staring at Candace Rae in lingerie.

Even when the naughtiest cheerleaders get us on our feet!

Seriously consider yourself lucky for being able to see Irena.

Lacey Jones proves it's tough to keep up with the Joneses!

These Earth Day, tree hugging girls have us going green!

Grace Park is kind of like a warm, sunny day. She's just delightful.



Swingers that you don't want tips from, and a reporter finds himself in a shitty situation.

This is the worst swingers dating video you will see today. (We hope.)

If reporting on poop water, you'd probably want to watch your step a little more closely. This guy unfortunately didn't...

If you're dick enough to call a girl a whore, make sure it's not NFL Pro Bowler (and beast) Jared Allen's lady.

Noureen Dewulf holds a very special piece of our hearts.

The force is with Peter Griffin in this Family Guy episode.

Forget til death do us part, this romance goes beyond that!

It looks like South Park may have to watch their backs!



J. Lo is back and better than ever, and a reason to tune into every World Cup game.


J. Lo is back, and she's definitely got it going on!

The answer is yes! We can certainly handle soccer WAGs as World Cup correspondents.

Don't let the cops slow you down. Here are ways to beat a ticket!

If you're watching the NFL Draft tonight, this is the drinking game you need!

Make pot legal? Here are reasons to probably just avoid that.

The NCAA Tourney is just about to get even crazier!

We've seen it on his show, but get a closer look at casa de Bam Margera.

Want to know who the Seahawks are selecting in the draft? Just go to Pete Carroll's Twitter page.

If you need a good window washer, might we suggest Spiderman?

Earth Day brings out the most eco-friendly gadgets!

If you want your girl to look hot this summer, take a look at some of these fashions.