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Best of the Web - Kelly Brook, Tina Wallman, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



We get blown away by the hottest ladies on the Internet!


Poker hottie Tina Wallman could probably do wonders with her hands...

If every woman had a bit of Kelly Brook in them, the world would be a much better (and hotter) place.

It's easy to see why Anna Sedokova is so seductive...and it ain't the Russian accent.

We all scream for more Amy Green! (Even more so than for ice cream.)

If we were Gomer Pyle, we would say "Shazam!" at Sarah Shahi.

IGN model Yvonne provides yet another outstanding video clip.

Long-legged Blake Lively hails from the land of hot! 

LisaRaye McCoy takes us for an awesome ride. And we don't care that the car's broken down.



A fan gets "shocked" at a Phillies game, and one of the sexiest bikini contests we've ever seen!


One Phillies fan was hoping to "not get tazed, bro!"

There's a heavy burden having to judge a sexy bikini contest.

Playing Iron Man is tougher than you'd think, if these outtakes are any indication.

The Caped Crusader strips down in this Batman porn parody.

Tim and Eric give us a little Man Milk...and we lose our lunches.

When mascots bite it, they do a hell of a job entertaining us.

Songs can help a movie scene play out, but if they're inappropriate soundtracks, it's even better.

The Buster Sports Show gets you up to date on everything pertaining to overpaid guys who sweat.



All thongs aren't created equal, and Kobe Bryant's new photos aren't the manliest we've ever seen.


These people prove that not all thongs are sexy...

Kobe's teammates better rip on him for his most recent photo shoot.

We really just want this to be Lindsay Lohan playing a porn star.

She's smokin' all the time, but here are Eva Mendes' 10 best looks.

With lots of single women come lots of opportunities...

Before running into the middle of a MLB game, make sure it's cool with your dad first.

This urban art makes it cool to live on the street.

No one can seem to cage Tiger for too long. The man loves the night life!

As if pretty women aren't already heartbreakers, this stupid study comes along...

Jam out (and freak people out on the subway) with these rad headphones.