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Best of the Web - Laura Vandervoort, Brooklyn Decker, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Brooklyn Decker gets wet, and other smokeshows from around the 'net.


The sun always shines when Brooklyn Decker dons a bikini... which, thankfully, is a lot.

Perfection, thy name is Laura Vandervoort.

Feast your eyes on sizzlin' Dania Estrada!

We'd let Jennifer Nicole Lee whip us into shape.

She's definitely a shooting Starr...

It's easy to get excited while looking at Dawn Olivieri.

You'll never hit pause with sexy Sara around. Just the slow-mo button.

We'd gladly bump, set, and spike these bangin' volleyball girls.

Angel Porrinos celebrated her 21st with us, even if our invite was lost in the mail.

When Victoria's Secret says a celeb is sexy, we take their word for it.



A good porno doesn't need good acting, and Bieber Fever continues!


Canada knows no one watches porn for the acting...

Word to the wise: Never buy Jesus healing oil.

Even ventriloquists have Bieber Fever!

Thugnificent finds out if there's such a thing as life after rap death.



Victoria's Secret angels, and an NBA baller that's for sale!


There's no need for Victoria's Secret models to advertise that they're bombshells.

If you're shopping for an NBA All-Star, Craigslist may have you covered.

Some Wikipedia fun never really hurt anyone...

It's never a "Bad Romance" with Gaga. And we'd show her our "Poke 'er Face."

Athletes have it all; fame, glory and really expensive divorces!

Get yourself one of these jobs and lose the weight, fatty. (No hand-holding here.)

Did anyone learn from Danny Almonte when he lied about his age?

Apologies to my little sister, as I know I've done this...

For all you virgins out there, get ready to make it rain!

Is it really that shocking to hear another Jersey Shore fight broke out?

An empty beer can be your best friend. (More so than a full one?)

Legos can be used to create anything! Except condoms, don't use Legos for that...