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Best of the Web - NFL WAGs Draft, Suspender Bras, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Girls wearing nothing but suspenders, and the NFL Draft that we wish could happen.


Girls in just suspenders! There's nothing more that needs to be said. Or worn.

The NFL WAGs Draft is the one that really needs a primetime broadcast. Get it? Broad-cast?

Some USC Cheerleaders take a little dip...

Umm, can we be dealt more of Poker princess Tina Wallman, please?

One of the world's most popular car models, Nina Mascunana, takes us for a very sexy ride.

Noureen DeWulf is absolutely no "Back-up Plan." She's A-squad all the way!

Sophie Turner's career is solely based off her hotness. We don't think anyone—or any cabana—objects.

We triple-dog dare you to find a single flaw with IGN model Catherine.

When Audrina Patridge lounges, we lose all interest in the responsibilities associated with a workday.

Since tomorrow's Earth Day, is there anyone more appropriate to look at than Eva Green?

OK, we get it, Agnieszka Rylik's name is hard to say (and type); but she's hot, so stop complaining.

Contrary to her newest flick, The Losers, Zoe Saldana proves that she always brings home the gold!



A baseball game gets a little rain-delay entertainment, and the hottest weather reporters ever!


When it rains, it pours...and we love a good thunderstorm of hilarious dance moves.

Not too many other weather reporters can make a snow shower sound so sexy!

Because secretaries do more than answer phones, here are Adult Swim's Top 10 Secretarial Moments.



One kid has a REALLY dirty mind, and ESPN gets a little R-rated on one of their shows.


We're pretty positive this kid doesn't want "hores" running around. But who knows?

Screw celebrating a title; these athletes have an inhalation celebration on 4/20!

Some dudes just need to accept baldness and not try to cover it up. Guys, it's just sad.

Ex-Nets head coach Lawrence Frank might just want to avoid live TV after this incident.

We'd really love to see Snooki try to ride a crotch rocket. Could she even hold it up?

These athletes are great, but they'd probably be just as superb if they decided to switch sports.

Here's what some classic movie posters would've looked like if actors hadn't passed...

Determine who the next great NFL bust will be by evaluating this mock draft. Embrace the suck!

Archie comics give us some sexual healing...

Screen grabs can sometimes quickly summarize an entire film.

These hot celebs are always the bridesmaids, never the bride...

One motorcycle takes the phrase "To Catch a Predator" a bit too far.