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Best of the Web - Oiled-up Babes, Rosie Jones, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



We try keeping up with the Joneses, and a reason to oil it up this summer!


Rosie Jones is a gift from heaven!

These baby-oiled babes can rub us down whenever they want.

The sexiest way to give CPR...without actually having sex.

Pass the dutchie on the lefthand side... while staring at drop-dead gorgeous dreadlocked dames.

It's never a bad sight to see Irina Sheik in a bikini.

We declare a tie between Rima Fakih and Allison Stokke.

Katie Price always knows exactly what we want to look at. Hence her lack of clothing, you see.

If it's hot you want, Blake Lively in a skimpy two-piece is what you get.

Can we get a night alone with Marie Blanchard?

If Jessie James wants to walk her boots all over us, by all means, please proceed.

We wonder how Lacey Wilson is on the ice?

When it comes to perfect blondes, Katy can be looked up in Webster's.



Look both ways before crossing a track, and we just can't get enough of Dr. Steve Brule.


Why did the innocent girl cross the track? To get steamrolled by a sprinting runner!

Fighting ghosts can be a daunting task. Just ask Winston Zedmore.

Dr. Steve Brule gets a taste test in hilarity! (That sounds like something he'd say.)

Seems Conan loves YouTube as much as you. Does he look at it on the clock, too?

Why this kid chose broadcast journalism as his major is a mystery to us...

Check out the Black Keys' new jam ... it falls in the "rock" category, not the "horseshit" one.



The best roller-coaster faces, and smokin' Miranda Kerr's new cover!


Bring your game faces to the roller coasters this summer!

Celebs rockin' bikinis help get us through the week...and make us weak.

Miranda Kerr sizzles on the new GQ cover.

We're gleeful whenever we see Lea Michele.

Some favorite fast food toys never go out of style...

Not all comic book covers are created equal.

It's like a light saber, but it keeps you dry! Instead of dorky.

Screw the bug spray, just get this mosquito-repelling gadget. Or stop bathing in sugar water.

Get a sneak peek at the song you can't get out of your head! (It's a video, people.)