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Best of the Web - Rachelle Leah, Sexy Celebs in Bikinis, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



Some of the world's sexiest show off their bikini bods, and Laura Leigh is mighty attractive.


Can anyone tell us how to spell hot? How about celebs in b-i-k-i-n-i-s!

Are there words that haven't already been uttered about sexy Rachelle Leah? How 'bout "she's back"?

If we had a choice of any girl on the planet, Laura Leigh just might be it. She may be an angel, though.

Laurena Lacey knows how to show off one of the hottest bodies we've ever seen!

True story... country singer Jessie James is super fine! Reggie Bush certainly thinks so...

Yesterday it was sports' hottest blondes, today it's the hottest brunette athletes. You're welcome.

Sharing a bed. With IGN model Yvonne. There's no place we'd rather be!

Amber Heard is definitely the word! And a smokin' hot blonde.

Thanks for stepping up, Allure! Seeing Emmanuelle Chriqui naked is every guy's dream.



Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a drunk blabbermouth, and 5 reasons why Cleveland rocks (none have to do with LeBron)!


If you've ever wondered what South Park would be like in real life, here's your answer.

They may cry a lot, and you might have to change their diapers, but babies are the best wing man...

Jerry Jones should probably lay off the cocktails for a bit...

We're not sure if Kick-Ass will corrupt the kids of America, but it looks entertaining as hell, at least.

Here are five reasons why Cleveland still rocks...besides LeBron and Coleson Braham.

Bieber Fever is hitting everything in its path...and not in the Biblical sense.



Find out if you're a fun drunk, and a couple of science fair projects that definitely get an A+.


All drunken nights don't end the same; use this Alcohol Flowchart to see what kind of drunk you are.

Favorite Barbie doll Heidi Montag's surgeries are broken down to a T!

They may not win big at the fair, but these are by far the best science projects we've ever seen...

To Twins, Yanks and Phillies fans; Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel really, really likes you!

We'd be happy to have Holly Madison lace 'em up for us any ol' time...

Everyone knows Google, so why not take advantage of their branding on not-so common products?

Whether they're on a real beach or not, we just like to look at girls in bikinis.

Had your daily requirement of Adult Swim? Hydrate with this water bottle.

32 reasons why the hipster fad may finally come to an end!

Get a striptease from your girl at the drop of a hat...just so long as she's really stressed out.