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Best of the Web - Victoria Silvstedt, Siobhan Parekh, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



The hottest girls come from down under, and Victoria Silvstedt has it going on!


If all Australian girls are like Siobhan Parekh, we'll gladly reside in the land of Men at Work.

Victoria Silvstedt shows that a bikini at a film festival is a great idea.

Falling in love with Holly Lynn is definitely not a sin! Now can the fun begin?

We are beyond impressed with Laura Michelle Prestin.

One may argue that Melanie Elyza is the world's perfect woman. One may have a strong argument.

Never fold when playing with these hot poker chicks, unless you're talking about the covers.

We may be half their age, but the 25 Sexiest Cougars Over 50 still turn our heads!

Who knew Amber Heard was such Jezebel? FAN, we mean...

It's obvious Julianne Hough would be the first pick in our "To Dance With" Draft.

Paula Garces has us wrapped around her finger. It's a nice place to be.



The luckiest bird alive, and an announcer who is simply on another plane of reality!


Polly wants more than just a cracker...

Going behind the scenes with Miranda Kerr is something we could get used to!

There's gibberish, and than there's whatever the hell this soccer reporter was doing.

Let your six-shooter do the talking in these classic shootouts!

We're not sure if smoking and balloons constitute porn or not, but we really like watching.

How many dumbass sports fans are there? It's like they're breeding somewhere!

Sir Charles never holds back when he's in front of a camera. Even if Michael Douglas wishes he would.

The secrets behind the Jersey boob job!



Improve mankind, and products that you'll think twice about using.


Improve every Average Joe's chances by taking the Great Male Survey. Do it for us...

None of these products sound delightful in any capacity.

Newly crowned Miss USA shows off some of her assets, while kickin' it on a boat. And standing up.

There won't be much respect from people, but at least our forearm will be strong!

Sofia Vergara is never one to leave us disappointed.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Just a couple of geeks sitting around, talking about the past...

Who doesn't want some Transformers on their Blackberry?

Can they just release Kendra's sex tape, already? We're getting anxious!

In her new SmartWater Ads, Jennifer Aniston proves she's still got the goods.

Amsterdam has the coolest hotel we've ever seen! Among other cool things...

Want to keep your lady happy? Leave engagement out of the relationship. (Crazy enough to work?)