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Best of the Web - Zahia Dehar, Ali Heighway, and more!


Every day we give you an awesome photo, video or whatever other hilarious or weird thing we've found on the Internet, as well as links to some of the best content on the Interwebs. Enjoy!



We want Zahia Dehar on speed dial, and Kristin Cavallari rubs in her sexiness!


We really love ladies that smoke up our monitors as much as Ali Heighway.

Ooh la la! It seems Zahia Dehar is the real prize of the World Cup...

Busty Blondes sporting black go together better than peanut butter and bacon. Truth.

Hungarian beauty Renata Iwanski has our taste buds in an uproar.

Three words: Flawless Holly Weber.

Kristin Cavallari shows she has legs that just won't quit while parading in a bikini bottom.

Now that she's a mom, we can't but wonder if Leelee Sobieski has considered breast feeding...

Lingerie and Kara Tointon should team up to fight crime. All the bad guys would surrender.

DWTS' Cheryl Burke knows how to flip it and reverse it! And it is worth it.



Burt Reynolds (and his mustache) remind kids to avoid drugs, and the best booty song you may ever hear!


Burt Reynolds and Judd Nelson want to make sure teens aren't chug-a-lugging booze. In 1986.

These dudes really, really like big booty...good thing they're poetic lyricists, too.

Conan and Jim Carrey hit Lex Luthor where it hurts... the ear drums!

Every pitching-coach dad cringes when they see this Mariah Carey first pitch.

Steve Alford displays great sportsmanship.

"Huhhhhhh?" Home Improvement was way ahead of its time...

Based on his track record, Matt Millen should really just avoid the NFL Draft.



The people to avoid at a party, and the NFL Draft's famous lookalikes.


They may seem harmless, but pass them some booze, and you get the worst people at every party.

MILF Alert: We can easily enjoy Ashlee Simpson-Wentz dancing on the beach in a checkered bikini.

The Tribeca Film Festival kicked out the uglies and let these sexy stars walk its red carpet.

The NFL Draft has come and gone, but the draftee lookalikes will last forever!

Hollywood's finest show us why they're so fine.

Some bars are great, others are long as you keep your distance from the crazy ducks.

When you're an NHL player, you save a lot of dough on teeth cleanings.

Gotta get that product placement where you can! (How else would Demolition Man have been made?)

Books aren't just a workout for your brain anymore!

Tear up the steampunk streets in this custom chopper.

It's worth maxing out your credit card in order to get all your favorite Adult Swim goodies.