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Bud Light Port Paradise Cruise Diary, Part 1

As we told you a couple weeks ago, we were the lucky recipients of two tickets to the Bud Light Port Paradise cruise to the Bahamas. For reasons unknown to some, Justin Halpern was unable to attend, so with the slight twist of an arm and the proper greasing of palms, Michael Capes was brought in as a replacement. (Totally non-coincidental sidenote: Justin Halpern was in an "accident" during a Bon Voyage party put together by Michael Capes.) All allegations aside, the trip was, in a word: awesome. In two words: Really awesome.

So how did the trip go you ask? Well, to make it easier, we put together a list of everything we enjoyed on the cruise. Here they are in no particular order:

Girls in bikinis, free Bud Light, girls in bikinis holding Bud Lights, free food, water slides, watching girls on water slides while holding Bud Lights, watching girls holding Bud Lights while we were cheersing Bud Lights while watching water slides, amazing sales in the ship's stores (OK, skip that one), pool parties...and oh yeah, hanging out with Maxim and Playboy model Rachelle Leah, getting kneed in the chest by UFC champ Rashad Evans (seriously, it happened), seeing an exclusive Dave Matthews concert on a beautiful Bahamanian island and hearing Andy Samberg's "I'm On A Boat" more times than you can imagine.


Things we didn't enjoy on the Port Paradise cruise, in no particular order:

1. Other dudes. (Example below)

We'll be posting videos of our trip over the next week, so check back to get jealous of the awesome time we had. And if you run into Justin, just tell him it was "OK" so he won't feel so bad. Or not.