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Even "Moonshiners" Celebrate Valentine's Day

Tonight's special featuring our man Tickle is all the proof (get it?) we need.

The gentlemen who produce moonshine have a whole lot on their plates: Evading cops. Growing beards. Making sweet, sweet illegal hooch. But did you know that, like just like us, they also fall in love? If you don't believe it, tune into tonight's special Valentine's Day episode of Discovery's Moonshiners, in which lovable outlaw Tickle expounds on love and romance. (The segments are wrapped around a best-of episode where Tickle and his partner Tim gamble on a high-stakes bootleg run.) Check out this exclusive clip of Tickle talking about the perils of the "friend" zone…straight from his bathtub. Yes, it's a creepy as it sounds.

The Moonshiners Valentine’s Day special airs tonight at 10PM.

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