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Game of Thrones is Coming!

With HBO offering a sneak peak at season three of our favorite dragon-fest, we just popped a major Khaleesi boner.

Photo Courtesy of Paul Schiraldi / HBO

Through its first two seasons, Game of Thrones has offered viewers more blood, boobs, blood and boobs than we have any right to expect (and also caused us to make some odd comparisons to the NFL). And thank the R'hllor for that!. Now, as HBO offers a clip going behind the scenes of season three (debuting March 31, 2013 — ie. Not nearly soon enough), anticipation is building faster than the threat of the King Beyond the Wall (okay we'll stop now (no we won't)). "We always envisioned season three as sort of the place we needed to get," confesses co-creator Weiss. "If we made it through season three, and if we could do season three right, then it would all be worthwhile." And as anyone who's read George R.R. Martin's books knows, we're in for a wild ride – including what's sure to go down as an even more shocking plot twist than Ned Stark losing his head in season one. Fellow nerds know exactly what we're talking about.

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