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Guess the Celebrity Voiceover

Did you ever wonder why watching Arrested Development sometimes makes you want to buy a truck? Here's why.

Will Arnett for GMC

Sure, we could show you a boring video of one of Will Arnett's many GMC commercials ("It's not more than you need, just more than you're used to"), but it's a lot more fun to watch him talk about it on Conan. Arnett claims to rely on a rigorous diet of coffee and cigarettes to maintain his distinctive voice—so let that be a lesson to you, kids: Smoking cigarettes will make you rich and famous!


Mark-Paul Gosselaar for Turbo Tax

The Saved by the Bell star voices the ads for DIY tax prep software TurboTax, which is really fitting: his voice is familiar enough to be reassuring without being overly recognizable. The commercial almost makes you think that doing your own taxes is a good idea (it's not). Then again, if Zack Morris says you should do something, then you probably should. Right, Screech?


Kevin Connolly for Best Buy

To the untrained ear, the new voice of the Best Buy commercials might sound a lot like Samwise Gamgee (aka, Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings), but it's actually a different hobbit—Kevin Connolly, of Entourage (and no other) fame.

John Goodman for Dunkin Donuts

John Goodman has been reminding us all for a few years now that "America Runs on Dunkin"—which is great, although it might also be in the best interests of Americans and John Goodman to try running, in general.

David Duchovny for Pedigree

Sure, David Duchovny voicing a Pedigree commercial may seem random—until you realize that Pedigree is actually a highly secretive underground sex club.


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