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You voted, we decided to pay attention. Here are the 5 hottest dancers, according to you.

<strong>Kym Johnson</strong>- Aussie beauty Kym manages to shine, even though they keep saddling her with a dance partner lineup that would make The Surreal World rethink its priorities: Jerry Springer, and the former boy band double whammy of Joey McIntyre and Joey Fat One.

<strong>Carrie Ann Inaba</strong><br>-

She got none of your votes…because, well, we forgot to include her. But we're confident Carrie Ann—who so memorably played Fook Yu in Goldmember—would have scored some major tallies. Alongside pineapple, macadamia nuts and volcanic ash, she's Hawaii's hottest export.

<strong>Cheryl Burke</strong>-

Petite Powerhouse Cheryl is of Filipino, Russian, and Irish decent, which would set up a joke, if we knew anything funny about Filipinos.

<strong>Edyta Sliwinska</strong>- The leggy Pol with the unpronounceable name is, sadly, married to fellow DWTS hoofer Alec Mazo. But you can go on fantasizing, guys. He's a dancer, which is so much less cool than...whatever it is you do.

<strong>Julianne Hough</strong>-

This tiny blonde aspiring country singer once appeared as an uncredited schoolgirl in one of the Harry Potter movies. That enough potential fetishes for you? Apparently so, since she seduced the most votes.

<strong>Shannon Elizabeth</strong>-

Shannon Elizabeth might have had an unfair advantage over the others on this list, simply because she had the forethought to appear naked in American Pie. Sorry, ladies, but knowing how to dance only gets you so far.

Hottest Girls of Dancing With the Stars

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