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They might not all be grandmas, but these older ladies have still got it.

<strong>11. Beverly D'Angelo</strong>-

Even though her part was, essentially, Susan Sarandon’s from Bull Durham mixed with Miss McGill from Youngblood (oh, yeah, we keep score), Beverly earns her hot-older-woman cred by nimbly seducing Wilmer Valderrama in Summer Catch. Plus, we still love her for going gratuitously topless in not one but two Vacation movies.

<strong>10. JoBeth Williams </strong>-

Kim Bauer may have been attacked by a mountain lion, but that wasn’t the last cougar-related subplot to hit 24. Williams proved she’s still got it, and not even pairing her with RoboCop (clever, 24 producers. Very clever) was enough to distract us. Could one of the hottest women of the '80s be one of the hottest in her 80s? We’ll see.

<strong>9. Sally Kirkland </strong>-

In Off the Black, Sally Kirkland looks young, perky, and vivacious. OK, sure…most of that has to do with the fact that she shares scenes with the mummified remains of Nick Nolte, but there’s no point in nitpicking. With legs like hers, who cares if the hips are most likely made of plastic?

<strong>8. Faye Dunaway </strong>-

Faye played the world’s sexiest shrink in the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair (trust us, ours looks like Donald Rumsfeld). And it’s easy to see why—that hair, that suit, the fact that her cheekbones and forehead are only 24 years old! Let us tell you about a dream we had last night, doctor…

<strong>7. Goldie Hawn</strong>-

Once we got past our initial disappointment over what exactly The Banger Sisters was actually about, we relished the chance to see Goldie shake what her momma gave her and what she in turn gave to daughter Kate Hudson (that’s not an ass, it’s a family heirloom). As if we needed any more reason to envy Kurt Russell.

<strong>6. Catherine Deneuve </strong>-

Playing a woman who wants her husband’s ashes turned into breast implants, Catherine showed us that she can still create an air of sensual mystery and that we can suppress our gag reflex long enough to admire it. Seriously? Do you really want people referring to your husband’s remains as “perky”?

<strong>5. Jane Seymour </strong>-

It’s a fact: In Case of Emergency star Jane Seymour has been 30 for the past 20 years. We don’t know if she’s got an excellent skin regime or if she’s sucking the lifeblood out of newborns, but this woman refuses to age. And age, for once, has decided to stop fighting her. (Age has been heard muttering, “Whatever, man. I could totally take her, but it’s not worth it, you know? Why stoop to her level?”)

<strong>4. Helen Mirren</strong-

God save the queen! There’s nothing sexier than a woman in a position of power. Mirren may have acted every inch the frigid British monarch, but that twinkle in her eye said, “Underneath all of this tweed, I’m wearing a leather garter and a bustier.” Is it any wonder the most emotional scene in The Queen is between her and a buck? She is animal magnetism, baby. No fey English dude can handle that.

<strong>3. Raquel Welch</strong>-

With so much perky blondness on display, Raquel had to break out her thickest, most weatherproof body shellac to stand out in Legally Blonde. But damned if she didn’t do it. She harkens back to a simpler time when women were women, and girls were boys. Or something like that. But we digress—she still looks great, doesn’t she?

<strong>2. Lynda Carter</strong>-

Forget trying to cast a newer, younger Wonder Woman, Lynda can still rock the star-spangled panties. Witness her mature hotness and its powerful ability to wake Willie Nelson out of his pot haze in The Dukes of Hazzard—the very same pot haze that has been holding steady since 1972! Lynda also acted as a nice, elegant palate-cleanser after gorging our eyes on Jessica Simpson’s ass for an hour and a half.

<strong>1. Bo Derek</strong>-

We’d never actually admit to watching Fashion House, but we do admit that Bo’s ageless hotness does cause us to linger on it for maybe a minute or 30. Whether she’s lording over a fashion line with an iron fist, running down the beach with Dudley Moore, or giving Brian Dennehy a wedding-day heart attack, Bo is an undisputed classic.

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