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The man who knows a thing or two about making hit TV shows and movies also knows a thing or two about casting lovely ladies.

Evangeline Lilly (Lost)- Of all the ladies of Lost, Evangeline is the Swiss Army knife. Need an ass-kicker? She'll throw down. Need a shoulder to cry on? Cuddle up, cupcake. Need someone to get captured every time there's a lull in the plot? Done and done. What can we say? We have a soft spot for "Freckles."

Keri Russell (Felicity)- Only Russell (and, we suppose, Abrams) could turn the tale of a romantically obsessed bundle of nervous ticks into an endearing tale of first love. Seriously, in lesser hands, Felicity would have been shaving her eyebrows and wearing dresses made of restraining orders by episode 3.

Bridget Moynahan (Six Degrees)- OK, so Bridget had the crappy luck to star in a rare Abrams' failure (More like Six Episodes! Huh? Huh?), but this statuesque beauty is legendary for being the first drop-dead model/actress to procreate with New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. Seriously, this guy is on a mission to create an entire race of Captain Americas.

Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield)- The quirky Caplan got her pulse racing in the Abrams-produced handicam Godzilla-epic Cloverfield, then went on to get our pulses racing with her clothing-optional guest run on the HBO vampire soap True Blood. Good looking out, JJ.

Odette Yustman (Cloverfield)- For Cloverfield, there needed to be a girl so knee-weakeningly hot that any man would gladly back-track through a monster-ravaged Manhattan in the vague hopes of finding her alive. All we can say is, this is typecasting at its most obvious. We'd let aliens use our bodies as inflatable Sumo Suits for a chance at Odette.

Zoe Saldana (Star Trek)- For hardcore Trekkers, getting a semi from Lt. Uhura was nothing new. But for us regular folk, this was an entirely new experience and we are forever grateful for it. The fact that Zoe followed up Trek's go go boots and mod dress awesomeness with a disconcertingly hot turn as a giant blue cat monkey in Avatar should cement her place as an object of sci-fi worship for all time.

Rachel Nichols (Star Trek)- Perhaps Zoe Saldana was inspired to go blue by seeing how well Rachel went green. Rachel may have kicked ass and dropped jaws in her G.I. Joe catsuit, but it's her all-too-brief cameo as a buxom alien chick in Victoria's Secret attire that sent geek libidos into warp drive.

Anna Torv (Fringe)- If Abrams understands one thing, it's that WTF batshitness goes down a hell of a lot easier when you through some attractive women into the mix. It works for Lost, and it sure as hell works for Fringe. Remember that X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen? Remember any of the women from it? We rest our case.

Michelle Monaghan (Mission Impossible 3)- For Abrams' big screen directorial debut, Monaghan had the unenviable task of balancing insane stunts with complicated plot devices with pretending to be attracted to Tom Cruise. But she pulled it off with in her own adorable style. Of course, in our hearts, she'll always be Harmony Faith Lane.

Maggie Q (Mission Impossible 3)- How could Abrams not cast slinky sexpot Maggie Q in MI:3? Not only an exotic beauty, she also has a name that already sounds like a secret agent. "My name is Maggie Q." "But of course it is, dear."

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Undercovers)- Abrams' latest discovery, the stunning Ms. Mbatha'Raw was announced as the lead in J.J.'s brand-spanking-new television series which is being described as Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets The Bourne Identity. Well, Gugu officially has us going ga-ga.

Emilie de Ravin (Lost)- Emilie is another one of Abrams' gorgeous discoveries, even if we're pretty sure that in the past five seasons of Lost Walt's dog has more lines and screen time than she's had. But, hey, she's cute whenever she shows up, so we're not complaining.

Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield)- Is it just us, or is the house party that kicks off Cloverfield the most attractive house party since Kid met Play? Canadian bombshell Jessica Lucas joins Odette Yustman and Lizzy Caplan as "Women We'd Gladly Crawl Through Monster-Ridden Subway Tunnels For." Thanks again, JJ.

Yunjin Kim (Lost)- Remember when desert isles were populated with exactly two types of women: A zaftig, Joan-from-Mad Men type and a perky Rachel Ray in pigtails? Luckily, Abrams has opened things up a bit by introducing us to strong and sexy Korean alpha-mother Yunjin Kim.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost)- You've got to love Mitchell's Juliet—Who else can sweat so elegantly through a tanktop while still being counted on to deliver the perfect "I'm smirking because you're an idiot" face every time they cut from Sawyer or Jack back to her? You may not trust her, but you'd follow her into any cave any time.

Jennifer Garner (Alias)- Mrs. Ben Affleck rose to stardom playing the cosplaying secret agent star of Abrams' mega-hit TV series. Then she went and did the double-barrel suck of Daredevil and Elektra. But, hey, she…um, met her husband doing those. So that's…something.

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