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Joanna Krupa's Dancing with the Stars Blog, Vol. 3

Hey guys!

Well, I am exhausted. We just finished a group rehearsal for next week. We’re doing the Hustle. Seven hours and we got nowhere. Ten couples trying to be coordinated and do similar stuff at the same time—it was pretty rough. When we left it didn’t look much better than when we started!

Joanna Krupa dancing

So this week, yes, Derek danced shirtless. He decided to do it on the spot after we saw Aaron’s dance. The Lambada is the Forbidden Dance—all about sex. Derek thought we needed to ramp it up, so the shirt came off at the last minute. I was a little worried I’d lose my grip on his bare arms, but it worked out. Len seemed to like it!

I was laughing so much when he was talking about how we were so good at “thrusting!” I’m just glad it worked out. You never know how things will go. Poor Chuck Liddell lost this week. I was very surprised—he was so determined. Derek saw him rehearsing next week’s dance backstage. I think it distracts you to think too far ahead. There is so little time to get the one dance right. I want to win, but I’m focusing on one at a time.

Joanna Krupa clapping

I still get super nervous. It is getting harder, not easier! I have this little patch my mom made that is supposed to push away negative energy. I carry that with me 24/7. I just try to take deep breaths and remember my moves and get out there and have fun.

Okay, time to get some sleep. Watch next week, and if you like our dance, please vote!


(All photos ©2009 ABC Studios)