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Release Date: 
Air Date: 
Premieres Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 9 P.M. (ET)
TV Network: 
Star Rating: 
10 out of 10
When a plane crashes onto an unknown Pacific island, 48 survivors wake up amid fractured fuselage, coconuts, and body parts to discover that they're temporarily misplaced. OK, fine, they're lost. But in a welcome sci-fi tilt, there's a mysterious Island of Dr. Moreau–style mutant eliminating them one by one. (And no, it's not Jeff Probst.) On top of that, the lone doctor among the survivors (Party of Five's Matthew Fox) is badly injured, there's a pregnant hot chick in need of care (the pregnant hot chick from Roswell, Emilie de Ravin), a surviving cokehead in need of a fix (Lord of the Rings supporting hobbit, Dominic Monaghan), and the prospect of an escaped felon picking off the victims the mutant leaves behind. That's a lot of drama for one hour, but it works. Lost gets further props for boasting the most multicultural cast since Captain Planet and for packing in enough action, horror, suspense, sci-fi, and hot girls to ensure that you've found your new regular Wednesday night drama.