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Louis C.K. Talks Dirty

Acerbic comic’s comic Louis C. K. brings his dirty thoughts to the small screen.

Name: Louis C.K.

You know him from: Stand-up, Lucky Louie, The Invention of Lying, Parks and Recreation

YouTube this:Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy
Louis C.¿K. hopes he’s luckier with his new FX show, Louis, than he was with his ill-fated HBO sitcom, Lucky Louie, which was canceled after one season. This time around he plays a libidinous dad who sheds the ball and chain in the hope of getting, well, lucky.

Your Lucky Louie character basically screamed, “My life sucks!”
When I told the HBO execs, “My baby sucks and I hate my wife, who has assassinated my sexual identity,” they nodded and said, “Yeah.” Those who have children understand. Life is pretty damn difficult for most of us.

Who gets more ass, Lucky Louie or Louie?
Definitely Lucky Louie. I date on the new show, but I haven’t gotten laid yet . On Lucky Louie there was one episode that was all about me trying to make my wife come. We were fighting, but we were fucking.

Would we rather see your Louis character frustrated or fucking?
Frustrated. I don’t think you want to see this character getting any. There isn’t much interesting about that. It’s best if he doesn’t get pussy.

You refer to blow jobs 15 times during your 29-minute HBO stand-up special.
Really? Well, they’re a big deal. They’ve grown to mythological proportions for me.

You also said in your routine that you masturbate like a troll in your basement. True or false?
False. I have an office now, so I don’t have to go down to the basement.




Louie Season One is now out on DVD. Season Two episodes air at 10:30/9:30c Thursday nights on FX.