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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Wants a Maxim Award!

He was probably kidding, but we like when people mention Maxim on morning television.

Earlier this week, Joe Scarborough - former U.S. congressman and current host of MSNBC's Morning Joe - attended the Matrix Awards for New York Women in Communications, where his beautiful co-host Mika Brzezinski was a presenter. While on the red carpet, this exchange ensued:

Joe [referring to himself]: "The first guy in Maxim Award history to win the Maxim Award!"

Mika: "No, it's Matrix."

Joe: "It's Matrix?! I was told this was the Maxim Awards!"

Interviewer: "No, Matrix Awards."

Joe: "Well, I'll be damned...I gotta get outta here." [Walks away]


Since there are no Maxim Awards, per se, we assume Joe was thinking of our annual Hot 100 Awards, and, technically, he would not have been the first guy to be recognized: We named Stephen Colbert the 69th hottest woman in the world last year. But nevertheless, we're happy to know that Joe Scarborough would have attended the Maxim Awards if there was such a thing, and, again, if there was such a thing, we'd certainly consider giving him one.

(Of course, unless Joe drinks as much as we do, he probably knew he wasn't at the Maxim Awards, and was just making a funny. But who cares! Someone mentioned Maxim on television! Watch the clip below - scroll to 0:42 for the part about Maxim.)

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