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MTV Catches the Biggest "Catfish" in Human History

At the MTV Movie Awards, Mark Wahlberg, Joe Manganiello, and Anna Kendrick will have a historic three-way.

Seems like everybody's faking it these days. Catfish is the biggest MTV show in years (not counting the one starring this gorgeous guidette). It's such a cultural phenomenon, in fact, that "catfish" itself has become a word in its own right. Little wonder, then, that the show is appearing front-and-center at this weekend's MTV Movie Awards. The "docu-series," which examines the bizarre people who create fake profiles online and pretend to be someone they aren't by using someone else's pictures (we, uh, couldn't ever imagine doing such a thing…), is getting the celebrity treatment in a silly spoof starring tough guy Mark Wahlberg, hunky guy Joe Manganiello, and sexy babe Anna Kendrick. We don't know exactly how everything will shake out, but judging from this clip, there will be more twists than Coolio's hair. See for yourself.


The MTV Movie Awards airs live on Sunday, April 14, at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm PT.

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