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My Name Is Earl

Release Date: 
Air Date: 
Premieres: Tuesday, September 20 at 9 PM (E.T.)
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Star Rating: 
10 out of 10
Prior to no-goodnik Earl (Jason Lee) winning the lottery then subsequently losing the ticket in a car wreck, the only thing talk show host Carson Daly ever inspired was a "Carson Daly is a dick" blog. But while trailer dweller (*cough* white trash *cough*) Earl is enjoying his morphine-assisted recuperation, Daly relates a karmic mantra explaining that what goes around comes around. Invigorated by the revelation, Earl concludes that he must make amends for all of his rotten misdeeds before his life can improve—even if causing problems is easier then fixing them. Riding shotgun are Earl's bumbling brother Randy—played by ham-fisted Ethan Suplee, who does inept better than ex-FEMA fucktard Michael Brown—and Jaime Pressly as the flawlessly typecast gold-digging ex. A simple concept allows for an environment in which almost anything can, and probably will, happen, if merely to ensure that Earl remains as dedicated to his quest as he is to his hilarious Fu Manchu. Although Earl has a "love thy neighbor" agenda, the characters are far too caught up in light-hearted buffoonery to give it much credence. So, like the first grade, look forward to ignoring any maxims of morality in favor of beer swilling and groin shots.