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Our Fearless Leader on "The Today Show" (Again)

Married person and Maxim editor-in-chief Dan Bova offers relationship advice on national TV.

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The guy who signs our paychecks Maxim's visionary editor-in-chief Dan Bova stopped by The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning, where he participated in a panel discussion on how to keep the fire alive in a long-term relationship. Dan, who has been happily married for 11 years, offered such insightful remarks as, "I think love and sex is like tennis: you need two people going at it, whacking those balls, working themselves into a lather." Pure poetry.

When asked by one Today Show viewer about why her husand seems to be jealous of the attention she shows their new baby, Dan likened the intrusion of a child into a relationship to the experience of being at a school dance, "when some little creep cuts in between you and your lady, and has now attached his face to your lady's bosom...think about that."

Oh, we will, Dan. We will.

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