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Philly's "Always Sunny" Phinest: Sweet Dee

Every visit to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Paddy's Pub is ripe with the promise of laughter, suspense, intrigue, and most likely some sort of physical harm. Still, we can't resist "The Gang," so let's take a few moments to appreciate each one of them and their own unique contributions to the "worst bar in Philadelphia."

Name: Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds
Occupation: Paddy's Pub bartender, actress, stand-up comic
Special skills: With ambitions to do more with her life than sling suds, Dee should be the "most likely to succeed" member of The Gang. Instead, she is constantly derailed by a misbehaving digestive system and a penchant for getting sloppy drunk with alarming regularity. In the middle of the day. Has been known to use homophobic slurs on men who order Chardonnay.
Other known aliases: Philadelphia Eagles prospect Cole, Crazy Paddy

Our Favorite Dee Moments:

Dee Becomes a Surrogate
Why stop at twins? Dee is game. She'll outdo that bitch.

The Dry Heaves, Live at the Laff House
Dee works on her "tight five" at an open mic.

Crazy Paddy
"Viral YouTube Video"? The concept is lost on Dee.

She is Vengeance, She is the Night
Sweet Dee exacts some street justice.

Dee Rides the Bus
Public transportation and Deandra do not mix.

Episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia can now be seen on Comedy Central starting May 31st, as well as Thursdays at 10:00 PM on FX.