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Forget Homer's buffoonery and Bart's antics, these hot ladies are the real reason we tune into The Simpsons season after season.

<strong>8. Renee </strong>-

After meeting the dreamy Renee on a lonely walk home, a smitten Moe allows his life to plummet into financial ruin. Heck, any woman capable of getting Moe to max out his Player's Club credit card and torch his beloved bar is one hot temptress in our book.

<strong>7. Sara Sloane</strong>-

With the rest of Springfield getting romantic at the annual Jellyfish Festival, mustachioed evangelist and recent widower Ned Flanders was left to mull over his lonely existence in the Leftorium. That is, until buxom blonde movie star and fellow lefty Sara Sloane waltzed in, falling for Flanders' white-bread vibe. Despite several dates, however, it's unclear if they actually ever okalie-dokalie-did it.

<strong>6. Maude Flanders</strong>-

You just know that underneath all of Maude Flanders' piety there laid a sexually repressed time bomb that woulda sprung like a tiger should the fuse ever have been lit. Too bad she kicked the bucket before her prime. RIP, Maude.

<strong>9. Lurleen Lumpkin</strong> -

After embarrassing Marge by getting booed out of a movie theater for his loutish behavior, a brooding Homer suddenly finds himself in a backwoods country bar, getting serenaded by the lovely Lurleen Lumpkin. Wooed by Lurleen's sweet drawl, not to mention her blonde locks and a body that just won't quit, Homer becomes her manager. But when Lurleen ditches her sweetness in favor of some strumpet-like advances, Homer retreats to the safety of wife and family. Pffff, ever hear of a little bit on the side, big guy?

<strong>5. Edna Krabappel</strong>-

Unsuccessful romances with Seymour Skinner, Moe, and even a fictitious pen pal invented by Bart have done nothing to curb Springfield Elementary fourth grade teacher Edna Krabappel's insatiable libido. And damn it, we admire this gal's chutzpah, not to mention her half-lidded bedroom eyes and smoky voice.

<strong>4. Duff Girls</strong>- Who the hell do you think inspires Duff Man's pelvic thrusts? The girls with the bounce, that's who.

<strong>3. Tabitha Vixx</strong>- After Isotope all-star Buck "Home Run King" Mitchell spots Homer and Marge suckin' face on the Jumbotron, he recruits them to help fix his crumbling marriage to sexpot pop star Tabitha Vixx. Which prompted us to present this goddamn photo to Buck and tell him to quit fucking complaining.

<strong>2. Luann Van Houten </strong>- Don't let this bespectacled broad's homemaker image fool you; underneath Luann Van Houten's matronly mannerisms and Donna Reed dresses lurks a sex-charged vixen with a penchant for brawny dudes. How else would you explain this divorcée's torrid back-to-back affairs with American Gladiators Pyro and Gyro?

<strong>1. Marge Simpson</strong>- Just 'cause we've been identifying with Bart since we've been 9 years old, doesn't make this an Oedipus complex. It just doesn't, OK? Dude, don't take this one away from us. We're all a little fucked up, right… Right?

<strong>10. Mindy Simmons</strong>- Ever wonder if you've got a big ta-ta'd female equivalent lurking the lonely streets and lookin' for love? Well, that's exactly what Homer found in his coworker Mindy Simmons, a foxy redhead with an insatiable appetite for chili dogs, double-glazed doughnuts, and beer-fueled sessions in front of the tube. Swoon.

Sexiest Ladies of "The Simpsons"