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The Battle for the "Tonight Show"…In Song!

As the fight for the Tonight Show heats up, Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon reconcile with a duet. Seriously.

The gloves are off, and the combatants are…singing? For decades and decades, The Tonight Show has reigned supreme as the ultimate late-night talk show. And ever since Johnny Carson—universally acknowledged as the best host in the show's almost 60-year history—left in 1992, the changings-of-the-guard have been bloody, hard-fought battles for everyone involved. First, it was Jay Leno versus David Letterman. (Leno won the show, Dave went to CBS.) Next, it was Leno versus Conan O'Brien. (Leno lost the show to Conan, but then got it back less than a year later.) Now, with Leno's contract ending next year, word on the street is that Jimmy Fallon will take over, and Leno will be left with plenty of time to tool around town in his old cars. But last night, in an apparent attempt to show the world that there are no hard feelings between them, Leno and Fallon sang a conciliatory duet to the tune of "Tonight" from West Side Story. Not only was it a great PR move, but it also showed that, man, these guys can sing!

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