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The Greatest Event in Television History?

Adam Scott and Jon Hamm team up for a shot-by-shot remake of the Simon & Simon opening. Yes, you read that correctly.

Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation) and Jon Hamm (Mad Men) are two of the hottest actors on TV today. Simon & Simon is a forgotten-by-most detective series that aired on CBS for pretty much the entire '80s. In a mini-mockumentary that recently aired on Adult Swim, billed as "The Greatest Event in Television History," Scott and Hamm—with the help of a few recognizable pals—play fictionalized versions of themselves who team up for a shot-by-shot remake of the hot-air-baloon-and-killer-whale-filled Simon & Simon opening. Totally confused? Perfect. Now watch!

First, check out the original Simon & Simon opening:

Now, watch "The Greatest Event in Television History":

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