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The Joy of Cooking Meth


Walter White’s drug-filled world continues to crumble on a new season of AMC ’s Breaking Bad.



When mild-mannered chemistry teacher Walter White was diagnosed with lung cancer, he turned those lemons into Blue Sky meth, the purest in New Mexico. But a funny thing happened on the way to financial security: Walt has started to like cooking in a Winnebago. “This scientist is now a drug kingpin,” says star Bryan Cranston. “He had been living a life of predictability, and now he’s dealing with thieves and murderers.” As if protecting his turf hasn’t been hard enough, season three of Breaking Bad sees Walt’s reason for walking on the wild side—his family—slipping away. Found out by his wife, Walt’s been kicked out of the house, a move that hastens his evolution into his alter ego, badass drug pusher Heisenberg. It’s this evolution that has become the crux of the series. “We’re attempting to do something that has never been done before on TV,” Cranston explains, “and that is to completely change a person—physically, morally, everything—over the course of the story.” This point may seem particularly painful to fans who know him from Malcolm in the Middle, but they just have to accept it: The wacky dad now dissolves bodies of rival dealers in acid. And Cranston has two Emmys to prove it.