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The New Season of "Top Gear" Is the Most Insane Yet

When you see a flying Ferrari, you know the original Top Gear is back.


For 19 seasons now, the gentlemen of BBC's Top Gear—that’s Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May—have been living out and televising our most insane automotive fantasies.

They build things that shouldn't be built...

Crash things that shouldn't be crashed...

And even put Maxim cover girls into precarious situations.

To all that we say…bring on season 20! In just under two weeks, the show is back for more and, judging from this drifting limo-/flying Ferrari-filled trailer, the boys haven't mellowed one bit. Gentlemen, set your DVRs!

Season 20 of Top Gear premieres Monday, July 8, at 8:30pm.

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