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The Promo for Louis C.K.'s New HBO Special Will Make you Howl

Louis C.K. has a new HBO standup special, and the post-modern promo for it is pure genius.


Along with the rest of the known universe, we think that Louis C.K. is the funniest human being on the face of the planet. His standup is raw and hilarious, his show on FX, Louie, is rightly considered one of the best ever, and heck…we even love the weird-ass movie he wrote and directed, Pootie Tang. That's why we were already psyched to hear that he has a new standup special coming next month to HBO, even before we saw this amazing promo for it. (It's pretty much the most "meta" trailer we've seen since the one for Jerry Seinfeld's movie Comedian back in 2002.) Watch, laugh, and then tune in on April 13th.

"Louis C.K.: Oh My God" debuts Saturday, April 13th at 10pm on HBO.

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