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The Return of Moonshiners

TV's baddest bootleggers are back…don't tell the cops!

Making moonshine (or bathtub gin, or white lightning, or any one of many baddass-sounding names) is illegal, but that doesn't stop outlaws like Tim Smith, the most wanted moonshiner in the U.S., from plying his trade. The new season of Moonshiners follows Tim and his cohorts, as well as the law enforcement tasked with capturing them. Check out this exclusive clip from the new season, then tune in when the show starts up on November 7th. That should be just enough time for you to grow a proper hillbilly beard.


Season two of Moonshiners premieres November 7th at 10pm on Discovery Channel.

Unfortunately, some shows haven't been as awesome as this one.
Luckily, our ladies always are.


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