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The Surreal Life

Release Date: 
Air Date: 
Premieres Sunday, January 11, 2004, at 9 P.M. (ET)
TV Network: 
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10
In an effort to plug programming holes with something other than reruns of Reba, a new troop of recycled punch lines returns to the WB (what, you don’t remember the first season of The Surreal Life?) for the most cringe-worthy reality show since the Sugar Bowl. High jinks feature Tammy Faye Messner (you know, Bakker), porn legend Ron Jeremy, CHiPs star Erik Estrada, Vanilla “Ice Ice Baby,” Trishelle Canatella of The Real World: Vegas, and Baywatch castaway Traci Bingham complaining their way through menial tasks in order to tack on a 16th minute before being dragged back into obscurity. Grocery shopping, pool parties, and lots of crying (come on, Ice) quickly turn to drinking, temper tantrums, and sagging ratings. Sure, Life has its moments—Jeremy hits on a proselytizing Tammy, no one recognizes Trishelle, Erik Estrada does stuff—but after the shock wears off, so will your patience.