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This New Pirate Show Is Rated AARRRRR

Black Sails is a gritty new series chock full of pirates, prostitutes, and thieves. Just like our accounts department.

Here at Maxim, we love pirates. They drink. They party. They say cool things like, "Avast ye matey!" That's why we're psyched about Black Sails, a new series on Starz (the network that brought us the sex-and-violence filled Spartacus) that's coming out early next year. Executive produced by huge-ass explosions master Michael Bay, the show follows the adventures of a pirate captain and his men 20 years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson’s you-read-it-in-sixth-grade classic Treasure Island. This, however, is no kid's book, as Black Sails will feature plenty of hot women, hardcore violence, and pirate-approved cussing as the gang fights for survival. Check out this just-released trailer and you'll see what we mean. Then, buy yourself a parrot and start getting excited…


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